Tuesday, September 15, 2009


detail of #114. not certain what the result was.

painted on wood found the same day


Urbanmystic said...

I can't believe no one has commented on this one....
was she in such a hurry to know the answer that she took the test while swimming?? or just tossed it overboard when the answer was disappointing??
who the daddy??
eeeeewwwwww... you have to pee on this to make it work.
This and the 'snelled fishhook' .... what else is in there ??

kookaburra said...

Yeah, I thought there might be a flurry of commentary on this one, but so far, you are the first (& most mystic). Hey, combing the beach can be pretty hardcore!

mary jane said...

omg, i LOVE this piece! its so fantasic! ummm.... but you picked it up with gloves right? i love the wood you painted it on too~

i kind of need to have this piece... i guess i have to wait till the show, right?

mary jane said...

i'm pretty sure that the vertical line means not pregnant. if there was a horizontal line intersecting it then it would be pregnant~

since it was taken at the beach, i'm guessing the taker was relieved. (in more ways than one!)

kookaburra said...

I think that if there were a corresponding horizontal line in the top window, then that means pregnant. RIght? & I can just make out a faint line there (also shown in the painting), which might have been darker before the elements of the beach did their work & therefore...? Conclusion: inconclusive!

Oh, & people can place reserves on the pieces if they're jonesing for anything in particular.

mary jane said...

reserve!!! reserve!!!