Monday, May 24, 2010


the end.


Ron said...

It has been like New Year's Eve here all day...waiting for the ball to drop, checking every few hours to see if #365 had been posted, and now, it has been... magnificently. You are truly a great artist. You are worthy of any and all admiration you receive. I love and admire you.

Anonymous said...


Raining Acorns said...

I, too, have been checking every couple hours for your final post--and what a final post it is! In your own words, better than any I have to celebrate this wonderful moment:

The. Last. One. Wow.

Over at RA, we are spreading the word to congratulate you on completing this magnificent project, and we look forward with eager anticipation to what you undertake next.

Warm regards, and I look forward to June 26!

JeNNy said...

ah. but we ALL have shattered cores here. oh wait, where am I? wrong venue. I speak only for LeeLa and myself. MAZEL TOV on your grand finale. (possible encore? the crowd roars...)

kookaburra said...

Someone said to me yesterday that we are all heartbroken--is that close to the same thing? And does that therefore make us trite?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I love your work so much. It has been amazing being with you on some of the beach walks and seeing this project to its completion. I really love the details and the vibrant colors you used in these pieces. I am particularly so amazed when I see the finished painting after I have seen some of the objects themselves. The glass, pottery and striped rocks are some of my favorites. My recent favorite is the horse jumping over the popping seaweed!
Love you,

mary jane said...

now maybe you make some time for us, your adoring fans! (tee hee)

no, really, i'm happy the wrack line is fully realized, but does it have to be over? i guess so....

...mixed feelings on that...
:( ♥ ☺ ☼ ☠ ♫ ♪ ☁☮★

MILLY said...

It was my brothers birthday yesterday, late home last night and I never looked at the computer.
I wondered how it would end.

Congratulations Kookaburra,it has been amazing following The Wrack Line. A great achievement, I have seen all 365. One of my favourites was the beautiful seahorse, I can see it placed on the page. The china pieces, pebbles and shells always grabbed my attention. So much variety and fun in this project.
Have a wonderful exhibition, it would be lovely if you posted about it here too.
Best wishes Milly x

MILLY said...

Congratulations Kookaburra on completing this wonderful project.
It is a great achievement for you and so lovely for us to have joined in and watched your journey each day.
I have seen all 365, my personal favourite was the seahorse on the page, cleverly "enclosed". I loved the shells,stones and always the little finds of pottery.
I was also drawn to the rusty objects and the black objects, the coat hanger, mermaids purse, comb, seaweed by musical notes. I loved the letter with the English link, and so many of your carefully chosen backgrounds which made it so interesting.
I wish you good luck for the exhibition. It would be wonderful if you could post about it here too.
I know "The Wrack line" will always stay in my memory
Best Wishes Millyx

kookaburra said...

Milly--thank you for being such a faithful viewer & supporter. Your work has been a joy to see as well (& will continue to be). Great idea to suggest posting about the show; I shall indeed do so. Also, it turns out there will be some bonus "wrack lines" in the near future--stay tuned, as they say.

JoAnn said...

Amazing artwork!!! Can't believe it's been a year!

Anonymous said...

Your achievement is tremendous--to have the commitment & self-discipline to do each of the 365 paintings with such artistic integrity is amazing--so should I be crying that it's over?

MILLY said...

I will, thank you.
When my first comment wasn't here I thought I had not posted it correctly, so did a new one today!
Same message, different words.