Monday, December 7, 2009


on hold


MILLY said...

This ones interesting, like it on the writing.

Thank you, I now know they are Haitian tree snail shells. I bought them at an English craft shop, fell for the candy stripes.

Raining Acorns said...

Hi, there: I was just looking at the South Street Gallery website and noticed that the gallery doesn't appear to list 4 pieces I'd identified to Amy sometime back as "holds." I've written her again, but thought I'd write you, too, as an FYI. The pieces are ## 78, 88, 189, and 197. Of course, my eyes are likely bigger than my pocketbook--but I live in hope!

kookaburra said...

I have placed hold notations on the blog for them, & alerted Amy as well. Very exciting, not matter what the size of your pocketbook!